6th of April, 2015 (Monday)

Page 211

Don't be so drastic, Ash. I'm sure you could fashion a crude form of clothing out of an old newspaper and some glue.

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6th of April, 2015 (Monday)
Tober, I'm sorry for my stupidity. Excluding this comment and my previous one, could you delete my last five comments? I hope not to bother you.
lol, these two.
That's one way to get noticed at a wedding. Doesn't ash know to not upstage the bride?
Le commenter
The last panel X3
Why did you kill off Ash so early?
So Ash now has to wear a pillow...could make it work!
This is some weird flirting.
@Christopher: I think it's rather normal at their age ;)
@ Lucky: Ash is still young. ^^ She probably hasn't been to that many weddings yet. Plenty of wedding etiquette to learn -- if she even wants to. Ash doesn't seem to be much of a one for the rules.
@Gar no no. PillowCASE, not the pillow itself!
Solar - both would make a good outfit. Need feathers around the edges of the dress the pillow case would make. Need the pillow surface material to help the length especially if she is going commando under it.
Remember, they're at an age where they're just past "boys/girls have cooties". Not yet interested, but peripherally aware that they're going to be interested and perhaps a bit scared of the thought. However, the teasing here is about underwear or the lack of it being funny, not about sex or gender being funny; you could get the same exchange with two boys or two girls. Which, after all, is the point.
Admittedly I can't think of many girls that age, even rebellious ones, who'd use the "going commando" line. But it's not unreasonable that she could have picked it up.
(Just found, and caught up on, the comic. Your description of it's pretty good -- slice of life with a light (until now) seasoning of Weird Stuff. The main thing the time travel subplot has done so far is let Sam operate with adult support but without a "parental" level of supervision... or at least that's how it appears from Sam's point of view.)
7th of April, 2015 (Tuesday)
One day Sam is going to look back on this and want to slam his head in a car door. Ash, on the other hand, will probably want to perform a dramatic reenactment.
@Lucky, who knows, maybe Dobby chic will be a thing in 2017.
@tober YUSHHHHH!!!!!! DOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
This page makes me burst out laughing every time... though half the times I've seen it I've been in a hospital, one time in a tension table... that really hurt

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