23rd of March, 2015 (Monday)

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At least someone's getting some sleep tonight.

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23rd of March, 2015 (Monday)
stuffed animals. always there when needed. though i wouldn't be adverse to a little AshxCharlie ^^
Le commenter
I second that, we need Ashxcharlie cuddles, for reasons ^^
They're BROS.
Awe! What a baby, I love em!
But I bet ash is Got to be a better cuddler then a bear xD lol
lazy person
Maybe we could swap that stuffed animal to ash....
just saying. ☆
Ahh, now we see another reason why it's so good that Charlie got his Morpheus back, instead of Sam buying him a new toy. ;)
Well, now, who made and brought that bag? They flew real quick, didn't they?
@caribou, I agree. Where did it come from?
@Le commenter, YUS, AshxCharlie is much needed
Yush! We need AshXCharlie!!!
Clearly Sam went back and brought some things.
I am sure if Charlie wakes ash by moving about then ash might realise he needs a hug... Or tell him to get over it.
dude, bro cuddles are the best cuddles. the best.
24th of March, 2015 (Tuesday)
everyone is all AshXCharlie, but personally, I just don't see them that way.
arent they just kids people?get it together
All this AshXCharlie is ignoring a major problem... Charlie has to go back- so unless Ash wants to wait 8 years to be legal it just isn't likely happen. Either that or Ash is another time traveler but I think we confirmed that's not the case.
We don't know about time travel. Maybe there is a version of Charlie left in the past that lets Sam exist now. So this Charlie doesn't need to go back.
Or it's alternate timeline dimension hopping, in addition to time travel.
25th of March, 2015 (Wednesday)
geez, what's with all the shipping?
they are kids for goodness sake.
28th of March, 2015 (Saturday)
I don't see why we shouldn't "ship" kids... People are not wanting them to have sex or anything they wouldn't naturally do at that age, but to cuddle, and physical affection is normal among mammals, humans in particular, so... what's the deal? Also, you may fall in love (or have a deep friendship) with someone when you are a kid and maybe Ash and/or Charlie love hugs/comfort, so we may have dreams of cuteness and overt affection, no? I too would think it adorable if Ash were to hug Charlie to comfort him (though I doubt their characterization quite points in that direction).
22nd of July, 2015 (Wednesday)
C: "Don't look!"
A: "What's his problem?"
S: "He doesn't want you to see that he took his sheep to bed with him."
C: "SAM!!!"
A: "I was right the first time, you ARE from New Zealand!"
S: "...how does an 11 year old girl know jokes like that?"

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