27th of February, 2015 (Friday)

Page 195

"So what, like, you share a bed or something? Help me out here"

Blood Splattered Socks will go back to a Monday Wednesday Friday schedule from now on.

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27th of February, 2015 (Friday)
I feel like someone is going to get a bloody kick to the face real soon...
Is this the chapter end already?
I think this might be just like a space out scene where they are explaining it so the readers don't have to sit through what we already know then the next page will be Ash's reaction.
awww, i liked this updated schedule...
:< Aww, oh well, it's a more stable schedule I suppose. -exCITEMENT-
4 a week really burns through my buffer. I can't do it all of the time or I'll run out of pages.
Take as much time as you need Tober! I loved the more frequent updates, but you are more important! Don't worry about it. Also I love their faces in this panel its like. :| oh, kay.
28th of February, 2015 (Saturday)
I can't wait for the next update. Found this a week or two ago and read all the way to the most recent update in one sitting. It was anasty cliffhanger to hit and have to wait for more, but it's totally worth the wait. Even with the new update schedual I egarly await the next one :D we still get plenty of comic, and its better for Tober! win win situation i daresay.
1st of March, 2015 (Sunday)
Right. Take care of yourself. And: cool comic, excited where the story gets us.
Greetings from Germany
Omg this is gonna be great. Lol

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