19th of February, 2015 (Thursday)

Page 190

Those damn quacks will probably want to stick a needle in her, and at that point you may as well put her out of her misery.

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19th of February, 2015 (Thursday)
haha noice panel
Eirika R.
Owwww... I can just imagine... augh.
Wouldn't a little needle prick then numbness feel much better compared to feeling a giant, dirty shard of glass yanked out of your foot? Damn you phobias!
I can't wait to see him take that piece of glass out. It's probably so long and...bloody. Would you devote a whole comic to it? That would be cool.
Matthew Bernal
I'm with Girl. Make a whole page of just him pulling out the glass.
I don't want that... but I want that... Do it!
As much as I would like to see him getting sprayed with blood and ash fighting the action of it getting pulled out and them having a puddle of blood and improvised bandages; it won't happen.
The adult is to adult to do this wrong. If you don't pull big things out of wounds then you don't die of blood loss easily.
Nice save there Sam, nice save. Though hopefully the next save, i.e. the removal of the glass, goes a lot better.
Being worried about a big puddle of blood on the bottom of your car is the perfect reaction there! mean, that big puddle will just be a breeding ground for bacteria, and from that bacteria a super deadly disease may take over the world. So really, he's just looking out for them.
(Totally not because Sam doesn't want blood stains in his car.)
You do know that if that cut is big and deep enough, pulling out the glass without certain available ways of sealing the cut will have seriously negative results....
1st of March, 2015 (Sunday)
"Oh my god, you got blood all over my... I mean" Hahaha! Sam.
I love the realism. And the humor. The realistic way all of this is still humorous.
6th of November, 2015 (Friday)
I'm thinking this is part of the shattered lamp. When they ran out of the house, they were to the side of the window and Charlie turned and pulled Ash 90 degrees...away from the direction of the window and it's shattered glass.
But...Ash should have said "Ouch" when it actually pierced her foot and she would have been hopping or at least on tiptoe on that foot the rest of the way.

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