27th of January, 2015 (Tuesday)

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Ash likes being scared almost as much as people swearing too much.

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27th of January, 2015 (Tuesday)
Ash is such a flirt.
They're 11; What could happen?
At 11 anything can happen
Specifically that one thing. That we are all thinking of when we read this. That one thing that is many things.
That's just action films. Wait untill they find horror films.
Wally - girls can get pregnant at around age 7, boys I believe around age 11 they can function fully.
If you don't belive it then do a web search.
@ Me: Them peeing the bed and being mortally embarrassed by it, huh? ;)
28th of January, 2015 (Wednesday)
^like, both of them pee the bed in the same night?
Because they have that special friendship bond?
I have never loved anything as much as this! >.<
@Me cases like that aren't normal, and can only occur with an abnormal behavior of the hormone glands causing precocious puberty, and if Ash had that I don't think she'd look that androgynous at age 11.
Check the statistics. Female puberty onset is now frequently between 8 and 10. This would not be precocious puberty.
@ Girl: Nah, because they're a pair of kids who think they can watch 'Alien' without getting scared enough to wet themselves. ^^
Those comments 0.0
This is a very weird thing to be talking about.
Girls can't get pregnant as soon as they start puberty, it takes a few more years for periods to begin. The average age is around 13, with less than 10% starting before age 11. It would be very unlikely for Ash to be able to get pregnant.
29th of January, 2015 (Thursday)
THANK you Tober, for talking sense! Besides, these kids would probably blush at the thought, but not go so far as to actually do anything! I mean, they are CHILDREN for crying out load, get your mind out of the gutter people! (ps i love the way you write characters ok they are super realistic and the dialog is like something you would actually hear irl)
2nd of February, 2015 (Monday)
@Mira You know, exsept for all the bits about time travel :3
13th of May, 2015 (Wednesday)
Well that escalated quickly.
24th of June, 2015 (Wednesday)
@Dad It varies quite a bit by country. Australia, last I checked, was sitting pretty with Canada at about 11.5.

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