20th of October, 2014 (Monday)

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Charlie wondered why the shirt was so long.

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20th of October, 2014 (Monday)
also Overalls are terrible, he didn't have them when he was sent to the future so he had to have bought them in the future or his older self would have had to have kept them for 17 years both options are also TERRIBLE-because overalls are terrible (I'll stop commenting for a while I'm becoming addicted)
Ah, but overalls are the best for work! Far more comfortable than jeans, in my opinion. Even though Charlie isn't exactly working, I still felt I should defend overalls.
I agree with Test187. I've never worn overalls of that style for work, but if they are anything like boiler suits they are super comfortable. I've even slept in mine before. They keep you warm and comfy on a cold ship.
1st of July, 2015 (Wednesday)
Halfway through archives just found this an hour ago and already hooked. you can never end this comic or I will cry;)
6th of November, 2015 (Friday)
Why doesn't the cart have any walls?

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