13th of August, 2014 (Wednesday)

Page 101

'Tis a bit big for you, Ash.

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13th of August, 2014 (Wednesday)
Hey umm, Mr Writer? I probably shouldn't use your real name. Keep up the good work mate, I like the new art style and people are actually reading your comic? What is this.
14th of August, 2014 (Thursday)
@John Quite honestly, it's a comic worth reading in an internet full of sludge. The hook was interesting and everything since has been on the up and up. Most noticeably the art.
John, really? Don't be a rude jerk. Of course people are reading this. It's a nice comic with a simple but amazing style and the plot is by far way better than all those graphic killing shows and movies. At at least here, everyone tries to act normal of what happened instead of going out and just making matters worse.
Haha there's been a misunderstanding. John is my friend, he was joking.
15th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)
Wait, if that is _Alex'_ jersey, why does it say 'Wendy' on the back? o_O
19th of October, 2014 (Sunday)
Deof Movestofca
@Guesticus: See author's note to comic #96.

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