2nd of July, 2014 (Wednesday)

Page 83

Ash always remembers peoples' names so she can do this.

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15th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)
Wait, did Ash _bow_? o_O
19th of October, 2014 (Sunday)
Deof Movestofca
Is that a twitchy middle finger in the last panel?
11th of June, 2015 (Thursday)
@Guesticus Or she was shying away or something.
22nd of May, 2017 (Monday)
She was curling in on herself, shrugging shoulders forward and down. Girls sometimes tend to do it when we don't want to be seen even though we are obviously right in front of the person. AlsoAlso happens often in girls just beginning to develop breasts, so you don't see them. Opposite of an animal fluffing itself up to be bigger.

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