30th of March, 2020 (Monday)

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This is true of almost everything.

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30th of March, 2020 (Monday)
Good to see this comic again. Been a while since I last checked for an update due to the last hiatus you guys had
Glad to see you're feeling well enough to post, Tober! I hope you're doing well amidst all the virus stuff going on
Huh... Was the background green before?
Great line.
31st of March, 2020 (Tuesday)
Up Here
It was blue before. Uh, sequential polychrome?
We could have a long, esoteric discussion about the profound ramifications of this.
Or not.
Two updates and a color change? I missed a lot since I was last here! Keep it comin' Tober, just don't tax yourself too hard.
Hey guys, sorry for the confusion. I just changed to a green background because I thought the blue background was clashing with everything else. That blue is just the 'blank canvas' colour I was using because my speech bubbles have no lines, so they wouldn't show up if I used white.
3rd of April, 2020 (Friday)
Thanks for the post!

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