2nd of November, 2017 (Thursday)

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2nd of November, 2017 (Thursday)
This seems...wholesome.
Kid Cthulhu
Yeah, nothing -bad- could come from this. No siree bob...
They all look like they file their teeth. And then bite. Although the kid (?Rothwell?) doesn't look like he's bitten anything in a while.
Awesome artwork, Tober. I especially like the way the test tubes in panel 3 rendered.
By how skinny he is, I'd say he needs filling up, not just filling in!
Hair, eyes etc all the same.
Are all survivors immune and with a certain base genetic template?
Was this designed with specific survivors in mind?
3rd of November, 2017 (Friday)
Fill him in with what? Food?
Must've been a plague...
He looks so skinny! Poor thing.
4th of November, 2017 (Saturday)
Such a clean lab!!! Must be at ISO900001 requirements

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