6th of November, 2015 (Friday)

Page 303

Phrasing, Ash. Phrasing.

I updated the website over the weekend, so tell me if anything breaks.

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6th of November, 2015 (Friday)
Just like all women can't even wait till the man has his morning coffee...
I'm impressed Charlie doesn't have 2 black eyes.
lol, ash, change your wording!
I love how innocent they are here. Wording is everything. And Ash just blew it out of the park xD
Charlie is still alive.
... This is my favourite page of this comic thus far.
That kiwi guy
This is just too good."giggles in excitment".
Laughing at the last few pages. Thank you.
if anything had happened she would have stolen the covers. that is just what happens.
Bearing in mind there position the last time we saw them, even readers need more information to know what happened. This needs the reader to make assumptions, and Ash isn't helping.
@Umph readers shouldn't have any issue with understanding what happened even if Ash isn't helping.. Charlie on the other hand is most likely wondering what Ash means "my first" ...(sleeping in a bed together? Sleeping with a time traveler? -possible Charlie thoughts) He could also be wondering how he got from the left side to the right side of the bed (as only the readers and Ash know).
I love how Sam and Charlie had parallel WTF experiences when they were separated. :)
7th of November, 2015 (Saturday)
KISS, first KISS.
The correct answer is probably yes. If they have to ask then say yes. Right? I may not be the standard but kissing well takes practice.
I love the hair movement from 3 to 4. His hair is soooo pretty.
NOUNS, girl! Use them!
Pannel 3 shows how much fun he could have with enough hair gel.
What? What?...
8th of November, 2015 (Sunday)
this. this is amazing. someone coming to the comic for the first time could take this soooo wrongly, but it's really not!
wait, does he even remember what happened???
9th of November, 2015 (Monday)
Phrasing, boom.

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