6th of January, 2015 (Tuesday)

Page 165

"Sheesh all I did was pants her friend on the middle of a crowded football pitch"

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6th of January, 2015 (Tuesday)
sqeeeeeeeee OTP
Gotta love the last panel, Ash's face all stoic and Charlie doing what almost looks like a hairflip.
I love the last panel. They walk away holding hands with their chin up like BAMF
Eirika R.
Exactly what I was about to say! XD
Opus the Poet
Charlie is removing the scrunchy from his hair.
Where are all the adults in charge (e.g. coach, referee, parents)?
They're all conveniently off-panel where I don't have to draw them.
There's your lesson, Joel: Don't mess with Charlie, or you're gonna get Ashed. This is by far the cutest page yet! Love that fourth panel, that 'omg, you're awesome!' look on Charlie's face.
*boss ass bitch plays in the distance*
And quickly after the last pannel the rest of the kids explode and these two skip off without looking back like action heroes.
7th of January, 2015 (Wednesday)
Ash protected her waifu Charlie well.
OMG there holding hands jefh9usdtxfgplkjrsf8ygahsnjklqgfrgezhouregw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this series : )
11th of January, 2015 (Sunday)
Your comic is so awesome/cute I can hardly take it >///

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